Emily Lindblad

Doula, twins, triplets, multiples, multiples pregnancy

Emily Lindblad, newborn care specialist, postpartum doula, triplet mom

"Emily has seen it all and has a solution or system for just about any parenting challenge. I have found her endless practical knowledge invaluable and her encouragement and support sanity-saving."                               -Kira  

A Birth & Bereavement Doula, Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Educator, CPR/First Aid Instructor and mother of triplets, Emily Lindblad provides professional, non-judgmental support to Massachusetts families of multiples. Emily draws on current research, evidence-based guidelines, and personal experience to tailor care to make each parent feel heard, supported and empowered. 


Knowing first-hand that caring for and bonding with multiple newborns can be a daunting task, Emily provides practical tools and assistance that make the transition to life with twins, triplets, or more occur smoothly. Emily also works to guide families on how to best support each other during this time of physical and emotional change.


An important piece of caring for a growing family is helping establish a robust community support network. A Preemie Parent Mentor at Graham's Foundation, member of the Advisory Council for First Connections in Acton, MA, a board member of the NAMMA Families perinatal provider network, and board member of Postpartum Support International MA, Emily can connect families with resources for the perinatal period and beyond.