Kind Words

"Emily was a life saver!  She helped us out two nights a week, starting right after we came home from the hospital, and we would count down the hours until she arrived so we could get some respite.   She was able to not only care for three newborns, but do the laundry and dishes, make bottles for the following day, and other helpful household things. She gave us helpful advice on juggling three babies, how to feed two or three at once, as well as tips on breastfeeding and overall adapting to triplets and such a big family. She made the first few months much more bearable because we could actually sleep those nights, and she gave us emotional support which was priceless.  We would definitely hire her again."  -Ari & Tina

"[Emily's] advice was invaluable, and most of all it was great to just see that [she is] a sane person who has a life despite having triplets, so we know it's possible to not assume that these triplets are going to turn us into crazy people!"  -Carol & Bill

"Emily's warmth and patience with little ones is remarkable-my children both adored her immediately. [She] makes mothering multiples look like a breeze, yet she gets that it's anything but."  -Kira

"I feel like I'm not alone... if we didn't have [Emily]... I don't know who we would talk to about what it's like to have a preemie come home and adjust to life outside the NICU."  -L & R