5 Reasons to Choose Private Prenatal Classes

When you are pregnant with multiples, your to-do list can feel miles long: buy cribs, go to the bathroom, another doctor’s appointment, go to the bathroom, choose a pediatrician, go to the bathroom, attempt to find a comfortable way to sit at work, go to the bathroom, panic about life with two, three, or more newborns, go to the bathroom again. Finding a Multiples 101 class that fits your schedule and can help calm some of the multi-newborn induced panic can be tough. Here are five reasons why you should consider having Three Birds bring a prenatal class to you!

1. Expert advice tailored just for you.

Every person is different, every pregnancy is different, so why should everyone take the same prenatal class? Rather than waste time covering a myriad of hypothetical situations, a private prenatal class allows you to get information that’s specifically geared towards your unique situation from the most up-to-date, evidence-based guidelines and research. You also have the freedom to ask as many questions as you want! There’s no need to spend hours on google when you have a certified newborn care specialist/trained postpartum doula sitting in your living room.

2. No pants? No problem!

When you find yourself outgrowing maternity clothes at 7 months, being comfortable can be quite the challenge. Pajama pants and a snuggie are completely acceptable to wear to this class. And those million and a half bathroom trips you take every day? You can take bathroom breaks as many times as you need without worrying that you’re going to miss something important. Your house, your couch, your snacks, maybe your older kids are even asleep upstairs, you’re much more likely to get the most from your class if you’re relaxed and not worried about a million other things.

3. Streamline your pregnancy preparations.

Are prenatal classes, CPR/First Aid Training, and postpartum planning all on your to-do list? Get everything checked off at once rather than trying to squeeze multiple events in somehow. Questions about prenatal challenges, hands-on infant CPR experience, and assistance setting up postpartum supports can all happen in the same day rather than having to carve out a separate time for each event. There are also some distinct advantages to discussing your postpartum needs in your own space. We can talk about the best way to set up a nursery for multiples in the nursery, walk around your house to identify the childproofing that needs to happen, and do a practice fire drill to allow you to feel confident to handle any situation that might arise once your babies are here. You’re not going to end up leaving a class with more things on your plate, we’re going to knock off as many as we can together.

4. The more the merrier!

Typically prenatal classes allow the pregnant/adopting parent and one partner/support person to attend. But what if your mother will be moving in for the first few months to help and you want to make sure she’s up to date on the latest safe sleep recommendations or you’d really like your older children to be CPR trained in case of an emergency? There’s no cap on the number of people who can participate in a private prenatal class. In fact, grandparents and other support persons are encouraged to come- your family’s postpartum experience will go much more smoothly if everyone involved is on the same page before it even begins.

5. Time’s up!

The most common complication in a multiple pregnancy is preterm birth. So what happens if your babies decide to make a surprise appearance a few weeks earlier than you’d planned? Maybe the class focus becomes ways to be actively involved in your babies’ care while they’re in the NICU instead of prenatal nutrition. Or instead of learning infant care and first aid basics with a bowl of cereal balanced on your belly, you learn infant care and first aid basics surrounded by your babies. Getting out of the house after giving birth to multiple infants can seem like a daunting task (and we can walk through ways to make it seem a little less intimidating while we’re at it) but there’s no need to if the class is coming to you.

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