"Wait, Who Pooped?"

Once you have children the list of “things I never imagined I’d say” could fill a book. Having a very serious poop conversation with my husband at three o’clock in the morning was definitely a bizarre moment. Newborns average 10 diapers a day so it's easy to forget who you changed last when you're on diaper #29. Keeping records of each babies’ feeding, diaper, and sleep habits can help make sure everyone’s needs are being met without having middle of the night debates about bowel movements. After a little time, you can notice patterns develop, jot down questions and observations, and see how you can best structure your day for the whole family.

I developed several versions of an infant tracker with families of multiples specifically in mind. While there are some cool apps available, I usually recommend using a paper tracking system so that anyone who comes to help can access it. Having helpers is fantastic but wasting valuable nap time explaining how to use your tracking app every time someone new comes over just isn't worth it.

One option is to keep separate logs for each baby. The pros to that system are that it’s easier to keep everyone's information separate (assign a different colored paper to each baby), there is more space to jot notes, and it can be less of a hassle to figure out how to keep track of everything if one baby needs to be separated from their siblings for a bit. The cons are there’s more paperwork to keep track of, using that much paper isn’t the most environmentally friendly option, and while you’re given a nice snapshot of that individual baby, it can be hard to see the flow of the whole family’s day.

Download a copy of the Three Birds' Infant Log.

A second option is to use a twin or triplet tracker that can accommodate two or more babies on the same page. Again, there are pros and cons to this type of system. Having one sheet saves paper, can be easier to physically keep track of, and makes it easier to visualize your whole day. There is however less space for taking notes and more of a chance that you’ll accidentally fill in the wrong column in the middle of the night. For quadruplets or more, I recommend using two twin logs or a triplet log and a twin log (if you choose not to do an individual tracker per baby).

Download a copy of the Three Birds Twin Log or Triplet Log.

Each family needs to figure out which system works for them, but a having a system is important, especially during the first few months. Let us know which of the Three Birds Infant Logs you like to use and if you're wondering how to best organize your life with newborn multiples, get in touch!

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